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If you need an honest well-followed person to sell your estate items, Dan Cobb is your guy!
After interviewing 3 companies, I chose Cobb for some very specific reasons and needs. They automatically canvas the area and hand deliver 600 fliers around the neighborhood 2 days before the sale. Our area was so dense, they printed 800 and had 6 left over. They lay down a clear plastic carpet protector on ALL carpet. After the 2 day sale and over 1100 people walked through, it was still in place. It has some sort of adhesive and sounded like they were pulling up duct tape – very strong. Every item has a price tag on it, some were hand written hanging tags with description others were priced on masking tape. Since the estate had 2 beneficiaries, it was very important to have a complete accounting of the sale. They hand write every sale on a receipt with general description and price. Every receipt was entered into a spreadsheet for the total and every receipt was included in the envelope. They worked tirelessly day and night to prepare for the sale. The house, garage, back, and side yard were turned into a store on tables, about 40 of them. Their website had over 100 pictures of the items available in clear well lit images. First day of the sale had a hundred plus cars up and down the street with 160+ buyers lined up enjoying free coffee and donuts provided by Cobb. They also had plenty of staff on sale days to help the customers and protect from pilfering with a minimum of 2 people in every room or area. Picking a well established (since 1965) estate sale company is very important. The best displayed items won’t sell if there’s not a huge following. Dan and Susie were very respectful of the house, it’s items, and the memory of the previous owner.

– Brian Snyder (Verified Google Review)

Dan and his wife Susie are truly a blessing from God. My Dad suddenly passed away 4 weeks ago leaving my and mom and I to quickly figure out an estate sale so I can move her into a small apartment.
Dan and Susie came out to her house the same day I called and went over every square inch of the house with us, completely free of charge. There aren’t enough items for Dan and Susie to do an estate sale so they suggested we do it ourselves out of my mom’s garage. They then offered to come over to price and tag the items for us, again completely free of charge. They also gave me tons of really helpful, free tips on how to do this the right way, so we can get the most money.
So yesterday they came over and spent 2 hours pricing and tagging things, while giving me step-by-step instructions on how to do it properly.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate them. And I can’t thank them enough for what they did for us. They are such nice, generous, kind, and honest people and were there for us during a time we really needed support after a big loss.
It’s rare to find honest people these days, especially for something like selling an estate, so I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you, Dan and Susie for blessing my mom and I the way you did. We will never forget you.

– Samantha Gilbert (Verified Google Review)

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